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get ready for the hot sun & go toxicity free.

We guarantee ZERO toxicities in the dyes which are harmful when sun bathing, as the chemicals can seep into your blood stream. Throw out that cheap swimsuit and invest in one that's right for your HEALTH!

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Our swimwear brand was launched in 2017, out of an apartment in Victoria, BC. We had a vision for women with curves to have easier access to quality, trendy, and well-fitting swimwear. 

We've designed our swimwear to not just fit, but emphasize your unique curves.

We wanted our designs to be made for all body types, not just a mannequin. 

Our swimwear is handmade in Brazil, using ethical, eco-friendly practices and only the highest quality materials. 

Our goal is to help every woman look and feel their best in a bikini and to promote self love.

new nudes.

Classic designs made to form and fit to your unique body type.



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