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PSA: This Bikini Is Actually Better for Your Health...

I never used to care about the toxicity of the chemical dyes in my clothing or swimwear, until I started having hormonal issues and went to see a naturopath. My eyes were opened.

Think about this: your skin is your body’s largest organ, and when your skin is moist (in the hot sun) you are at risk of absorbing any chemicals from your swimwear into your bloodstream. Some scientists say that this is worse for your overall health than eating junk food.

The last thing you need on your relaxing vacay is the thought that your swimsuit might be harming you while you soak up the sun for 8+ hours.

We found a revolutionary fabric manufacturer pioneering a vision for non-toxicity, environmentally friendly materials. From the soil of the plantation fibers to the finished project, our fabric is certified in industry leading ways.

·European Flax® certification (Our fabric is the only fabric outside of Europe to achieve this) and guarantees the non-pollution of the soil from its origin.

·Internationally recognized for its environmental certifications, such as the European Eco-Label.

·the Oeko-Tex®100 - Class I seal, which certifies the non-existence of products toxic to human skin in our fabrics


Toxic chemicals to watch for while shopping:

FORMALDEHYDE. (Can increase your risk of cancer by up to 30%). This is not regulated by the United States government, so you must do your own research!

Formaldehyde can be found in:

• Waterproof fabric
• Perspiration-proof fabric
• Chorine resistant fabric


“Fabrics woven or knitted from Polyester thread or yarn such as Lycra are the most harmful fabrics for our body. A Polyester fiber is made from synthetic polymes that are made from esters of dihydric alcohol and terpthalic acid that means, both of them are highly toxic and these toxins are not completely removed after the manufacturing process, finding an easy entry into our body through moist skin”


Seriously though, don't cheap out on swimwear! We've sourced cutting edge fabric that does not contain any harmful toxins. Toxicity is typically found in waterproof garments and "lycras" with cheap dyes.. + moist skin = chemicals absorbed into your body. Do your health a favor on your next sunny day, and wear your Nude Swim Bar swimwear!




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