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We designed a bandeau for large busted women.. based on all of the bandeaus we've had that don't work.

When you can't find a swimsuit that fits your body type, it's frustrating as hell. If you have DDs then I bet you've probably tried on a bandeau with a bra style hook and have had to tie it in a knot to get the support you've needed. I used to buy 99% of my swimwear from Victoria's Secret Swim collection before they discontinued, and 1/10 bandeaus would work. I would buy this piece in every colour just incase. I still have my coveted 2 bandeaus from Victoria's Secret Swim - they fit OK but they aren't ideal for big busts for several reasons. Here are a list of problems we've had with bandeaus, and how we solved them with our Victoria Bandeau Corset Top. 

Problem: There is a set width back, no adjustable strap or hook. What?! I wonder what percentage of women this would work on. My boobs do not look good with this one, as the width of the back is what gives support. Or there is a bra hook on the back - I tie it in a knot because it does not pull tight enough. 

NSB Solution: We've created a corset back to pull the bandeau to the exact width of your back, or as tight as needed to give you support while wearing a bandeau. What we love about the corset, is that it doesn't pull tight in just one spot, the pull is expanded throughout the length of the corset. Soft, and doesn't create any pain points. Oh, and all you small busted women - try wearing the corset in the front! 

Problem: Cups. I've learned that smaller busted women like the cups to appear as if "something's there" or to hide nipples. Cups have failed me so many times, not only is a "large" cup typically not big enough for DDs, it creates a weird line and shape that does not look cute. 

NSB Solution: Extra lining. It's impossible to convey how amazing the quality of our fabric is online. Our fabric is Brazilian made, and the most high end fabric we could find. The double lined bandeau hides any nipple lines, and eliminates the need for any cups. 

Problem: Underboob. Most bandeaus that I have found, do not have enough height to cover your entire boob. Either you have underboob, or you have so much cleavage, your nips almost show. 

NSB Solution: As you get larger in size, we've increased the height of the bandeau for full coverage. If you have a larger bust, you can feel free to move around in this one, as it will not move!

We're so confident in this design, that we didn't add the removable straps. 

Pictured above @jackkiehamm

"I'm absolutely INLOVE with this swimsuit, I've always found it such a struggle being heavy chested ( I'm 36DD ) and being able to find a swim suit that 1. is comfy 2. keeps the girls up and 3. is flattering to the body and this one beats all expectations!! I've had tons of people come to me asking if it's worth the money and my answer will always be YES!! I will definitely be buying again ❤️ " - @jackkiehamm

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