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The (almost) impossible task of designing the perfect high-waisted bottoms

I've tried on a few high waisted bottoms in the past, thinking that they were going to suck in the abdomen area that I did not want exposed and provide more coverage. However, looking in the mirror I realized they did this higher cut did exact opposite. Hugging my love handles, sitting above my hips made a Michelin man effect, as well as a mom jean effect from the back. I am very aware that retro, hi-rise swimwear is in demand and trending as it appears to be flattering on more figures. So I have set out to design the perfect high cut for as many different body types as possible without looking like a diaper! 

Design 3, prototype 1 has arrived and it still has a ways to go. I'm struggling to make it work on athletic body types with shorter torsos. I can promise one thing - it will not be released until it's perfect! Stay tuned...

This swimwear line is made for real women - not just the idealistic mannequins or models (no discredit to them - they are all beautiful, and work hard to get their body!) But for women leaving on vacation in 2 weeks to radiate confidence on the beach without feeling the need to crash diet. 



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