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Need a swimsuit for your vacation in the fall or winter?

When you start the countdown for your winter vacation and you're so excited... but you have anxiety over the swimwear you're going to take. You check your stash from last summer, and the old Victoria's Secret Swimwear that fit you perfectly is now fading, and the cheap go-to bikinis are now falling apart. You probably have a bunch of halter triangle bikinis, which look great when you try them on, but 20 mins into wearing them your neck is already starting to hurt. You wonder how you can spend all day in these bikinis, and try to find something better... online.

If this sounds like you, we were in the same boat! Which is why we started Nude Swim Bar. The designs are meant to fit every different body type. If you're a medium - you will not only fit our medium, but look amazing in it! The quality of the fabric is the best part - since all of our suits are handmade in Brazil with the best quality materials, these suits will be your staple for many vacations in the future! We will keep our swimwear in stock year round, so you can purchase swimwear from us right before your travels, instead of buying everything in the summer in anticipation of your trip. Lastly, we our fabric is soft, and our designs are comfortable. So wear our bikini, grab a dirty monkey drink by the pool, and relax! 

We hope you have an amazing, stress free vacation this year! :) 

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