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Swimsuits for big boobs do exist

If you are reading this because you have the hardest time finding bikinis due to your large bust, girl I know! In 2016 I was shopping for a bathing suit for my vacation – I was a size 2 (during a body building competition) with a 34DD bra size. My options were slim. Victoria’s Secret swimwear has always been my go to (or shamefully, Wal-Mart). Even though these stores may not have the colors or styles that I like, at least they catered to my curves. VS discontinued their swimwear brand (I’ve heard it’s to shift focus to active wear but may need a fact checker on that one). This left my options to: 1. Buy a tacky (no offence) bikini from the mall, or 2. Pay $200 + $30 shipping + $80 duty for a super trendy suit from Australia and pray it kind of fits.

Us big busted women have slim pickings when it comes to swimwear styles: strappy back bikinis that give no support or the triangle halter tops that give support but create insane neck pain. All I wanted was a bikini that I could wear for more than 3 hours on the lying beach, and perhaps even frolic without a nip slip.

All of our swimsuits are designed for this purpose. If you have a large chest, you can have confidence ordering from Nude Swim Bar, because these styles are made for you (up to DD)! You never thought you could wear a bandeau style because the set width made your boobs sag – we’ve designed a bandeau with a corset back to adjust a tight width to your back and create support. Need pads, but don’t like the shape or find the pads are always too small? Our tops have extra lining instead. Can’t wear a one piece because most of them have too much side boob and no support? Our one-piece swimwear has adjustable straps for support and no room for side boob!

Happy frolicking! 



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